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Detention (2011) Movie Free Download in HD

Detention is a 2011 American satirical horror film directed by Joseph Kahn, and co-written with Mark Palermo.The film premiered March 2011 in Austin, Texas at SXSW.Detention stars Josh Hutcherson, Dane Cook, Spencer Locke, Shanley Caswell, Walter Perez, Organik and Erica Shaffer. Produced by Richard Weager and MaryAnne Tanedo.

Movie Information: Detention (2011)

Detention (2011)
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Director: Joseph Kahn
Writers: Joseph Kahn, Mark Palermo
Stars: Josh Hutcherson, Shanley Caswell, Spencer Locke

QUALITY: 720p BluRay
SIZE: 685.55 MB

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Detention (2011) Movie Free Download Detention (2011) Movie Free Download Detention (2011) Movie Free Download

Download Movie Detention (2011) for Free

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